The Ten Thaats

According to&nbsp Bhatkhande- all the countless number of&nbsp North Indian Ragas are descendants of these ten Scales called Thaats.&nbsp These are: 1. Bilaaval. 2. Khamaaj. 3. Kaafi. 4.&nbsp Asaawari. 5. Bhairaav. 6. Bhairavi. 7. Kalyaan. 8. Maarwa. 9. Purvi. 10. Todi.&nbsp This tape gives the outline of the Thaats and an example of a song in the corresponding Ragas.&nbsp Both the outlines and songs are in Tala.&nbsp This is not only for musicians!! It is for all who need to widen the range of the hearing frequencies- which means everybody!

$ 9.95

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