My Guru's Grace by Rasa Rani

Rasa Rani’s debut album, “My Guru’s Grace”, is a summary of Sampoorna Yoga and Shri Yogi Hari’s teachings. Vedantic philosophy woven into its lyrics, and each chorus features a Moksha Mantra - a mantra that gives liberation and peace to the mind. The album as a whole is uplifting, restful, and will leave inspiring vibrations in your mind and body.

This acoustic album features all original compositions and lyrics by Rasa Rani, who performs vocals, guitar, harmonium, and flute. Shri Yogi Hari joins to sing chorus and adds his Enlightened and peaceful energy to each song. Tony Ramasar augments each track with his delicate, creative expression of Tabla.


You can either download the album, or order a limited-edition CD.

*** First Edition CD - $15.95

*** Have your book signed by Shri Yogi Hari and Rasa Rani - $35.95
(Your donation of $20 helps to support Yogi Hari's Ashram and offsets production costs of this venture.)



Track Listing:
1. Sampoorna Yoga
2. Since When Is It Hard To Be Happy
3. Hari Om
4. Soham
5. Shantih
6. You Are Divine
7. Shiva Shiva Shiva
8. Radhe Shyaam
9. Jaya Gurudev
10. Anandoham
11. Happy Rebirthday
12. Meat Will Kill You

$ 9.95

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