Satsang 3

A collection of chants that will wake you up! This CD has simple and melodious chants with call and response- gloryfying God in his different forms. Kirtan purifies our emotions and thoughts. That is why it is said to be the easiest way to reach God in this iron age. Kirtan is an expression of Bhakti- the devotion for God. There is a very special harmony between the drums- the harmonium and Yogi Hari?s voice that will make your heart melt in bliss. You can enjoy these chants alone or share them with friends- but most important is to chant from the bottom of your heart! 1. Hari Naaraayana Govinda. 2. Raama Chandra. 3. Bolay Naatha. 4. Naaraayana. 5.Govinda Jai Jai. 6. Nataraj. 7. Hari Hari Bol. 8.Bansuri.

$ 9.95

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