Satsang 2

Starting with Gayatri Mantra- songs to God-&nbsp Krishna and Lakshmi- Yogi Hari goes on with reciting for us some more powerful shlokas and mantras. They act as an antidote to the negative impressions that we are gathering from outside or from our own psyche. Choose a shloka or a prayer that attracts you most. Listen to it everyday. Let the words- the peace- the melody and tone of Yogi Hari?s voice impregnate your mind. Soon you will be able to chant along with it. Believe it or not- this will transform your life! 1. Gayatri Mantra 2. Dhyana Shlokam 3. Raga Yaman Kalyan - Vandana Hai Sharaday. 4. Raga Bhairavi - Prema Mudita. 5. Mahaa Lakshmee Shloka 6. Raga Yaman - Dhana Lakshmee. 7.&nbsp Deity Shlokas - Gajananam. 8.&nbsp Shantih Mantras &amp Prayers.

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