Rama Bhajans

These traditional bhajans- shlokas and mantras celebrating Lord Rama give us the chance to experience the sweetness of Rama's name through the love conveyed by Yogi Hari's voice and music.A must for Lord Rama's devotees and in any case a great delight to listen to! Very complementary to Rama Mantra in the Mantra series.1. Aaray Mana Raam. 2. Shri Ramachandia- 3. Raam Naam Rasa Peejay. 4. Bhaj Man Ram Charan- 5. Bhajore Bhaiya. 6. Hare Rama Hare Krishna. 7- Jai Jai Ram. 8. Shri Ram Jai Ram.

$ 9.95

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