Nada Mala for Master Sivananda

Yogi Hari has realized a musical prowess with this garland of ragas in honour of one of the greatest Masters of the last century. Swami Sivananda- who did so much for the propagation of yoga and for alleviating the miseries of human condition. Everyone's heart will melt in the pure love pouring out of Yogi Hari as he sings in deep respect and gratitude for his Satguru. A garland of music offered at the lotus feet of the Master to celebrate his centenary. Guru Mantras Jai Guru Dev (Raga Mala) Deva Deva Sivananda Jai Guru Dev (Chant) Dheeray Dheeray Ja Ganga Kinaray Paravata Pehai Sohana Ananda Kutir Kay.

$ 9.95

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