Guided Meditations for Conception and Pregnancy - Journey to the Womb

CD by Chitra Sukhu

Take the time to get to know your unborn child… Every life is precious; each soul a world in itself now is the time to experience your child. These meditations will take you to your child’s world and teach you what is important to that soul. Draw to you your perfect child. Communicate your hearts desire and listen to the lessons you will be learning together. Observe your child in its natural surroundings. See each part of the body perfectly formed. Then relax into yourself with heavenly music. This is the time when the soul is not yet bound by the body it can communicate with you with full consciousness, aware of its self more than it will ever be in life. Their will never be a more perfect time for you to know the soul of your child. These meditations will take you there.

$ 16.99

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