Guided Meditation for Children - Journey into the Elements

CD by Chitra Sukhu

Each meditation takes you on a journey to a place of innocence and wonder. Meet the king of the Gnomes in the enchanted forest, and let him show you the wisdom of every drop of life. Let the Mermaids take you on an adventure to the depths of the ocean floor, a magical kingdom awaits, and see the secrets of the mermaid kingdom. Take a ride on the suns ray and enter the sun, "Surya" the magnificent king is waiting to show you his golden kingdom. Meet your Guardian Angel, and take a ride on a cloud to her home, many wonders await you. Then relax the body as silence is found. Each meditation is accompanied with enchanting music and followed by a life enhancing message. There are five meditations corresponding to the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Meditations led by Chitra Sukhu Messages given by Mario Van Peebles · Meditation encourages imagination and creativity · Focuses the mind · Increases concentration · Resolves the issues that cause nightmares · Helps with hyperactivity · Brings about a sense of wholeness · Opens the child to the interconnectedness of the universe · Can help children deal with loss · Develops a healthy sense of self 

"This is a beautiful meditation CD which will help children experience restful alertness and enhance their energy and creativity." --Deepak Chopra

$ 16.99

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