Sampoorna Yoga

Yoga is widely practiced today. Yet it is also widely misunderstood. Yoga is not about getting muscles and flexibility that will attract envious eyes- or for gaining power over others. Running for recognition and power is an endless race that in no way leads to lasting happiness! The aim of yoga is to unveil the fullness that we are. Through a right understanding of our human condition- a clear sight of the goal of life and with a proper use of the knowledge handed over to us by the sages- we can start a safe and successful journey back to freedom. Unveiling the fullness that we are is what Sampoorna Yoga is about. In this book Yogi Hari shares with us the fruit of his deep experience and knowledge in the different aspects of yoga. As an experienced teacher he gives clear and practical explanations about the different paths of yoga and how they can help us to refine our body-mind equipment so that it can reflect our true divine nature. He talks about the Guru-disciple relationship- about diet- he gives advice on personal practice and much more. Practical applications are proposed to allow you to integrate this knowledge into your life and practice. Each chapter includes a Question and Answer section derived from Satsangs with Yogi Hari where most of our spiritual or daily preoccupations received sharp responses that open many new perspectives. Included also is an illustrated Hatha Yoga session corresponding to the Sampoorna Hatha Yoga level I video.

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