Ananda refers to the absolute Bliss that is your very own Self. This is the theme of the bhajans gathered by Yogi Hari on this CD. In each one a sage reminds us of the joy lying dormant within us. Rendered through Yogi Hari's voice and music- they bring this experience of joy deep in our heart. 1. From Joy I Came. 2. Aatma Raama. 3. Uth Jaag Musaphir. 4 Namo Aadhi Roopa. 5. He Prabhu Purana- 6. Gao Bageshri. 7. Boal Ray. 8. Shri Raama Chandra. 9. Sadho Govinda. 10. Lagee I agan Guru- I I Nirvana Satkam. 12. Shivoham.

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