Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Level 1

Sampoorna Hatha Yoga is the fruit of the experience of a living yoga master. Yogi Hari's peace, focus and clarity take you into a deeper level of awareness. A Sampoorna Hatha Yoga session is an invitation to turn the mind inward and remind you that yoga is a spiritual discipline.

This 73 minute DVD contains breathing exercises, warming up exercises and a series of beautifully orchestrated postures that give a complete and balanced workout. Movement and breath are synchronized to harmonize the flow of energy and develop concentration. In final relaxation you develop awareness of your subtle bodies. This leads to the doorstep of meditation and to the inner core of your being. Through this practice the body becomes strong and healthy. Energy and mind regain harmony. You experience strength, joy and happiness and become more efficient in daily life.

73 minute class covers:

* Invocation
* Breathing
* Strengthening exercises
* Basic yoga postures
* Deep relaxation.

Step by step instructions on asana and breathing for beginners in Yoga.

Soundtrack of the DVD also available on CD!

$ 14.95

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