Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Open Class

Conducted live on the special occasion of Shri Yogi Hari's 60th birthday
A challenging and uplifting class suitable for all levels!
On his 60th birthday Shri Yogi Hari taught a wonderful flowing and energizing open class to his disciples.
The good news for you: This class was professionally DVD recorded and is now available!
The class is very alive and inspiring and it can be followed by students of all levels. Beginners as well as advanced Yoga practitioners can benefit tremendously from it.
The DVD is about 120 minutes long. It contains:
*Opening invocation
*Warming up for breathing exercises
*Breathing exercises and Pranayama
*Warming up exercises to warm up- stretch and strengthen the whole body
*Systematical- logical sequence of asanas incl. headstand and scorpion
*Final relaxation
*Closing invocation
*A short lecture about Sampoorna Hatha Yoga.
Experiance this unique style of Shri Yogi Hari-s teaching which makes this class suitable for all levels!
If you start the day with this Yoga class- it will be YOUR special day.

$ 14.95

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